Floor Plates

All floorplates are available in either matt silver or matt gold. Lengths come in 2.70m lengths (0.90m lengths available for screw down plates). Screw down indicates that they may be screwed into place where as stick down indicates it is supplied with a self adhesive strip for peel and stick.

Standard Carpet Cover Plate (screwdown)

Standard Vinyl Cover plate (screwdown)

Standard Single Naplock (screwdown)

Standard double naplock (screwdown)

Standard Z Plate (screwdown)

Stick Down Cover Plate (stickdown)

8mm Sloped Edge (stickdown)

9mm Square Edge (stickdown)

14mm Sloping Edge (stickdown)

Large Square Edge (stickdown)

Standard Lino Edge (screwdown)

Extra Wide Cover Plate (screwdown)

25mm Cover Plate (screwdown)

Carpet Tile Edge (screwdown)

Square Edge (screwdown)

Heavy Duty Double Nap (screwdown)

Heavy Duty Z Plate (screwdown)

Standard Right Angle Edge

Stair Nosing Plate