So Adhesives

Providing our own range of afforable and effective adhesives to stick down any flooring, please see below for the list of our products available.

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So Acrylic

• PVC and cushioned vinyl flooring
• Carpets with foam backings

Also available in 5kg tubs.

So Pressure Sensitive

• Carpets with foam backings
• PVC and Cushioned Vinyl Flooring
• Rubber Coverings with smooth polished back of up to 2.5mm thickness.



So Carpet Adhesive

• Tufted Carpet, Latex-coated, foam or synthetic double backing.
• Tufted Carpet with fleece backing



So Contact Adhesive

• PVC, Rubber and Polymer Foam
• Wood
• Cement
• Metal

So High Temperature Adhesive

• Cushioned Vinyl
• PVC- design coverings

So Lino Adhesive

• Linoleum in sheets/tiles up to thickness of 4mm
• Needle Fleece